My personal story on why I donate

I remember when I (Amber — the owner of Soma Massage Therapy) was a little girl, growing up with my little brother and my hard working, single mom. She was juggling college, two small kids, and a couple of jobs, and there were many days when we hardly had enough to eat. One thing we rarely had was toilet paper because it was just too expensive for our tiny budget. As a result, we regularly used newspaper or rags to wipe ourselves with, and my tiny little bottom often had terrible rashes and sores on it due to the unsanitary and abrasive materials we used.

When we DID have toilet paper, it was such a luxury that I remember hiding it in little wads in the bathroom so I could use it and give my poor bottom a break.

I encourage you to give generously with this drive — this particular cause has a lot of personal meaning to me, and I’d love for some little kid in Denton County to be saved from having this same experience as I had as a child using the bathroom!