Client Spotlight: Lynn

Lynn and her husband came to Interfaith in early September seeking prescription assistance.

Both are currently seeking employment and have been homeless for about two years.

Lynn said she has been looking for work since 2007.

“I just haven’t had any bites on my resume or my applications,” she said.

Lynn said that their current situation makes finding a job difficult. They stay with family members when temperatures get really hot or really cold, and when they have the money they go to the library to look for work.

They also make regular trips to Our Daily Bread, a local soup kitchen that serves a substantial noon meal to the hungry and homeless.

During one of their trips to ODB, Lynn was recommended to Interfaith for assistance with two of her prescriptions for high blood pressure.

“I got everything I needed [from Interfaith], and I was able to get my medicine the next day,” Lynn said. “It was right in the nick of time too, because I had just one pill left for that morning.”

Lynn and her husband epitomize the uphill battle those who are homeless face in securing employment. So much time and attention is spent on fulfilling basic needs such has finding place to stay, food, etc. that little time is left for other pursuits.

Additionally, according to a survey from the National Coalition for the Homeless, other barriers to securing employment include a lack of reliable transportation, technology, hygiene necessities and clothing necessary to complete the job interview process.

Despite their difficult circumstances, Lynn said she is hopeful that her husband’s disability application will go through and that they will then be able to afford a place to stay.