No-Show Announcement


Interfaith Ministries of Denton, Inc. is proud to announce our non-program & non-speaker for... 

                                 The Second Annual No-Show Gala
                           November 31, 2013 

Our guest speaker, Dr. Bettye Myers, will 
be sharing her wisdom on"The Ways & Means to Avoid Being Listed in the Police Blotter".
Registration & Cocktails 
will not begin at 6:00 pm. 
Dinner & Program 
will not begin at 7:00 pm. 
Event will not be held at: 
Interfaith Ballroom
1109 N. Elm St. 
Denton, TX 76201
Do not RSVP to: 940-566-5927

No decorations. No catering. 100% of the proceeds go to benefit our families. By purchasing a no-show ticket you can keep a family's electricity on or ensure that an elderly community member is able to buy their life-saving medication. 
It's not too late to be a no-show.
 Send a check to
 Interfaith Ministries of Denton
P.O. Box 1744. 
Denton, TX, 76201
or follow the links below to purchase tickets online. 

 Thank you! We look forward to 
not seeing you there. 

Sponsorship Levels:

Real Estate Mogul  - $1,000.00
Table for 10 with prestigious seating or Rent for 2 families for one month. 

Medical Specialist - $500.00
Table for 8 with prime seating or A 30 day supply of life-saving medication for 3 individuals. 

Energy Tycoon  - $250.00
Table for 4 with premiere seating or Utility assistance for 1 family for 1 month. 

The Visionary - $100.00
Table for 2 with preferred seating or eyeglasses for 2 children. 

Individual Seats - $50.00
A pretty good seat or two week's supply of diapers for one baby. 

Sponsorship Levels
*Medical Specialists, Real Estate Moguls, and anyone who makes a donation of $500 or more will receive a free
 "No-Show 2013" t-shirt!

Show us what you're doing while not attending our gala! Post pictures to our Facebook or mention us on Twitter!